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  • Minitab is a statistical software that provides tools to analyze data, streamline workflow, and find meaningful solutions.

  • This software allows users to perform statistical analyses of hydrologic data. The current version of HEC-SSP can perform flood flow frequency analysis based on Bulletin 17B (Interagency Advisory Committee on Water Data, 1982) and Bulletin 17C (England, et al., 2018), a generalized frequency analysis on not only flow data but other hydrologic data as well, a volume frequency analysis on high or low flows, a duration analysis, a coincident frequency analysis, a curve combination analysis, a balanced hydrograph analysis, a distribution fitting analysis, and a mixed population analysis.

  • EViews offers academic researchers and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use object-oriented interface.

  • WinBUGS is statistical software for Bayesian analysis using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods.

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  • Stata is a statistical software package for data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting. Stata/SE ("Special Edition") is for larger datasets - up to 32,767 variables. Stata/SE will run on multiple CPUs or multiple-core computers, but it will use only one CPU or core. 

  • IBM SPSS Statistics is a powerful statistical software platform. It offers a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features that lets your organization quickly extract actionable insights from your data. Advanced statistical procedures help ensure high accuracy and quality decision making. All facets of the analytics lifecycle are included, from data preparation and management to analysis and reporting.

  • SAS is a software suite that can mine, alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources and perform statistical analysis on it. SAS provides a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users and more through the SAS language.

  • This app contains RStudio, Rcmdr, and assorted plugins.

  • Prism is a commercial scientific 2D graphing and statistics software.

  • Mplus is a statistical modeling program that provides researchers with a flexible tool to analyze their data.

  • JMP is a computer program that was developed to perform simple and complex statistical analyses. It dynamically links statistics with graphics to interactively explore, understand, and visualize data. This allows you to click on any point in a graph, and see the corresponding data point highlighted in the data table, and other graphs.

  • Amos provides you with powerful and easy-to-use structural equation modeling (SEM) software. Create more realistic models than if you used standard multivariate statistics or multiple regression models alone.