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    Market Simulator & RIT Decision Cases

    The RIT Market Simulator platform is an order-driven market simulator (which allows users to transact financial securities with each other on a real-time basis) plus a sequence of RIT Decision Cases. Each RIT Decision Case focuses on the risks and opportunities associated with particular securities or strategies. The RIT Decision Cases are designed to be run using multiple iterations which implement a range of potential scenarios. The same strategy can yield different results depending on the final realization of the scenario. Students learn from the immediate feedback on the success of their strategies and practice until they find a robust strategy that works well across the whole range of potential outcomes. In effect, the RIT Decision Cases are to be run using multiple iterations which implement finance theory in a setting in which students learn how to make good decisions when faced with uncertainty about outcomes.

    Our simulation approach to learning is ideal for understanding the risks and opportunities associated with financial securities and inherent in most investment or risk management strategies. RIT Decision Cases are designed to focus on specific financial concepts and present them in an easy to understand manner so that students can explore, learn, and practice strategies that achieve their desired goals. The RIT Decision Cases also sequence from introductory (generally one source of risk) to richer cases for which the decision maker has to manage several risks. Reflecting our mission to integrate theory and practice, most cases have a start-up model that applies the relevant theory. Those models include RTD and/or API links to the order-driven markets in real time - both to pull information from the markets into one's decision model and (optionally) to direct decisions automatically back into the markets. 

  • FactSet provides business data to power your workflow, valuable market analytics to help you outperform, and global market insights to give you perspective.

    • Real time market data and news coverage from around the world
    • Current and historical stock prices from global and local exchanges
    • Current public company financials
    • Company financial performance and risk analysis
    • Comprehensive equity technical charting & backtesting
    • Valuing derivatives
    • Mutual and investment fund performance
    • Delisted, bankrupt and inactive companies
    • Corporate, municipal, and sovereign bond prices and ratings
    • Current and historical commodity prices and forecasts
    • Current and historical currency exchange rates
    • U.S. and global economic indicators and forecasts
    • Public company supply chains and key customers if available
  • USSLOW Long Horizon - Standard vsai Platform

    Standard Barra Portfolio Manager

  • ARGUS Enterprise is a leading commercial property valuation and cash flow forecasting software trusted by CRE professionals worldwide.

  • Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions. Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device. Visually explore and analyze data—on-premises and in the cloud—all in one view. Collaborate on and share customized dashboards and interactive reports. Scale across your organization with built-in governance and security.

  • Creator allows you and your team members to discover insights faster by combining a powerful suite of products for visual data prep, analytics, and a secure platform for collaboration. This subscription empowers people within your organization to quickly turn data into knowledge and securely share those insights with others—in and outside your organization.